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Take Action to Boost SNAP during the pandemic

Call on Congress to address the devastating impact this pandemic has had on food insecurity across the country by strengthening our most effective anti-hunger program, SNAP, in the next round of legislation. 

The HEROES Act passed by the House of Representatives in May includes important provisions to expand and strengthen SNAP, and invests in programs to feed children during school closures. Unfortuantely, the HEALS Act introduced by the Senate on July 27th, did not include any boost or expansion of these critical programs. 

Ask that your elected officials support these provisions in the final legislation. 


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A Boost in SNAP in the 4th Coronavirus Package

Dear [Decision Maker],

Before this crisis, too many of our neighbors struggled with hunger. Federal nutrition programs like SNAP and school meals were critical then and now that even more are worried about how they will afford their next meal, the need to support and expand these programs is more urgent than ever. 1 in 6 of all Massachusetts households were facing hunger in June. The number was worse for households with children: 1 in 5 were food insecure.

As your constituent and a volunteer advocate with Project Bread, I am asking that you push for Congress to pass legislation that includes that the following SNAP provisions:

1. A boost in the maximum SNAP benefit by 15 percent
2. An increase of the minimum SNAP benefit from $16 to $30
3. Suspend all SNAP administrative rules that would terminate or cut benefits.

It is also critical that the the final bill includes provisions that will provide emergency funding for child nutrition programs to help school meal sites continue to serve children during closures and into the summer.

These provisions will not only help households put food on the table during this crisis, but will also help to stimulate the economy during this difficult time.

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